This morning I had the blessing of facilitating the
#leadlap Twitter chat; here are the Qs we discussed.
I'm sharing in case they might make good reflections for
your next faculty meeting or character cadre gathering.

L is for LOYALTY.

O is for OPENNESS.


E is for EMPATHY.

And of course we have to end with a song. 

I found these questions challenging, even though I wrote them;
Amy called them "excellent and skillfully facilitating insight."

Dawn tweeted: What a lovely chat! So refreshing & inspiring. Today's convo left me with new thoughts and ideas as I think about the collective impact of our stories. Appreciate you leading us today!

Vernon replied: I fully concur that Barbara was a great host of the #LeadLAP Chat today! It's always an honor Barbara to be in the thought space with you. Unabashedly I say that I'm a fan my friend! Keep inspiring and elevating!

And Dave, the #TLAP Pirate himself, added: Special thanks to Barbara for hosting #LeadLAP this morning!! Appreciate you so much and all of the positive vibes you put into the world!!

So today there's an extra song on my soul and
spring in my step as I step out into the world 

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