The Way To Well

Happy last day of June; I cannot be the only one
 who feels like like this month just zoomed by?

As I reflect on my wellness walk this month, I thought I'd share of few of the ways I've managed to move the needle on the continuum from illness to wellness. First, the reminder that illness starts with an I while wellness begins with WE; we are wired for connection and, as such, we aren't meant to journey through life alone.

Let's start with one of my favorite treats, nature

Walking through wide opened spaces in the great outdoors; here's a shot of my family's farm, taken on the three-mile trek around the block while I was back home in WI.

And walking with my brother Paul alongside me
while we process our thoughts and feelings?

Good for the heart and nourishing to my soul,
a beautiful formula to fortify my wellness work.

Another way to wellBEing is gratitude. While I was home, I decided to look up my 4-H leader from fifty years ago and thank her for positively influencing and inspiring me during my formative years. She didn't necessarily recognize or remember me right away; it's been fifty years, after all. But as we reminisced, she did share the story about the year we were poised to win herdsmanship because of how hard we'd worked to fancy up our display and keep our area and our animals neat and clean. She said that we even helped another Club that year by giving them our extra stall when they ran out of space to store their additional bedding. Sadly, they did not keep that area up to 4-H standards and the judges passed us by. Later, a judge told her that if he had known that it wasn't our mess, we'd have likely taken first place. She added that though we didn't win a ribbon, we graciously accepted the loss, which meant that we were winners in our hearts that year. 

Before I left, she said that my visit made her day.

Another simple way to express gratitude is with thank-you notes.

I made this one for the baker who made the Kahlúa cake
for the rehearsal dinner Picnic we threw for Joshua and Ariana.

On the inside I wrote: Or should I say bakes the cake?

Kindness is another avenue to wellness, so after Jacob
gave me a zucchini from his garden, I made it into
a quick bread that I could share on my appointments.

Took a piece to my birthday twin at the Dentist,
and she asked for the recipe on my way out.

A main ingredient for my wellness recipe? LOVE.

Love ... and laughter.

When was your last belly laugh?

We had a fantastic outing to the Ronald McDonald House,
at their Donors Housewarming Event. There, as we were
getting our family picture made, Ronald photobombed us.

Isn't that hilarious? Can't you just feel my Dad's surprise.

Of course, they took serious pictures of us, too;
I love this one outside the two rooms in Mark's memory.

And in a serendipitous twist, the rooms are currently housing
a family whose little girl is waiting for a new heart.
Let that sink in: A. New. Heart.
In the rooms named for a man with a huge heart,
who died of a heart attack just two years ago.

And then tears. Lots of tears. 

A bittersweet outing, for sure.

Emoting is another way to well, and the older I get,
the less it seems to matter where or when the tears flow.

I also got to connect with Mipps' work family in
the lounge that keeps his legacy of playfulness alive.

Connection is another way to wellness.

I've had the blessing of reconnecting this friends this week,
over breakfast, poolside, via Zoom. What an incredible gift.
Even my back porch upgrade, the new swing, the lights ... 

and the lovely lantern I got for my serenity spot ...

all of these simple things put me on the way to well.

Full disclosure: I also carve out nap time
almost every afternoon. Just to relax and restore.

Sometimes in my room, other times in my pool chair.

What's fuels YOUR wellness walk?

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