Mindful Movement With Yoga

Happy July, dear reader; how are you feeling today?

If you've read my blog for a bit, then you know that I have been intrigued by the benefits of yoga stretches for some time now. In fact, I carved out time every Tuesday and Thursday before class for the last two years to allow my 8th-grade learners to start our time together stretching our bodies before stretching our brains.

I mean, who doesn't want that for our future? And though partner poses momentarily gave me pause, my teens especially enjoyed those. 

We are wired for connection, after all.


So you can imagine my delight at finding this engaging newcomer!

Due out on July 18th, this comprehensive guide to yoga created by Lauren and Brian Chaitoff of Yogi Beans for kids  absolutely floored me. Not only does it have 108 fun poses (Why 108?; they explain the significance of that number on an opening page), it also has a value mantra, a "who am I?" inquiry and the pose type on each page. 

Wanna turn yoga into a Would You Rather? Click {here} to see how. 

I'm so thankful to have this new resource for when I talk about ways to enrich your SEL practices; helping our learners of all ages get in touch their their bodies and their breath really works wonders for their self-awareness, self-compassion and self-care.

There's even a partner poses section in the back, and while they don't share the rock and the lizard in this particular book, I'm here to tell you that even my adult students are fascinated by this one.

Try it with the other empathy yoga poses {here}.

Check out this book and enjoy stomping, fluttering and breathing while you mindfully move through these happily healing stretches. 

Shine that inner light, dear friend, and have fun warming the world.

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