Oh, My Word!

It's MLK, Jr. Day, so today I'm reflecting on his life and legacy of love.

I'm so grateful for passionate leaders and role models like Dr. King
and my greatest desire is that we live what we learned from him,
so that his life won't have been lived in vain.

During yesterday's Packers game, I noticed Jordan Love's helmet read:

Be Love.

I thought it was connected just to him, because his last name is Love and I've seen other clever phrases, like Love is in the Air that reference him and his skills. But it turns out, all of the NFL Wild Card weekend teams had that on their helmets, to honor the heart work of MLK, Jr. 💚  LOVE. 💛 

Speaking of love, I just finished up the my long-term third-grade assignment on Friday after four amazing days of reconnection and joy. 

We used the poetry unit to weave our #oneword2024 into acrostics, so first we made a word cloud, then I shared my word for this year as an example of putting words within your word. Our guiding question? What do you want to focus on this year, to get better at giving and receiving?

We decided on JOY as our #oneword for the class;
 this is how we displayed our work.

I was blown away by their creativity, especially when it came to writing puppet scripts as a part of Writer's Workshop later in the week. I gave them a lot of choices: which puppet they wanted to use, if they wanted to work in pairs, groups of three, or solo, if they wanted to write prose or poetry. One even had Wooliam the Sheep play Mary Had A Little Lamb on his computer. Seriously. Blown. Away! 

We also worked together while playing Field Goal between lessons.

Our goal was six cups tall on each side; it was so much fun to watch the excitement mount as my little learners inched close and then closer to meeting that goal. On Friday, we welcomed a guest teacher, Mr. Gruener, NASA's dirt dude, to launch the soils unit.

Oh, my word there was SO much joy!

Finally, an awesome kindness book found me at our baby shower.

Of course, it warmed me immediately because the little porcupine is using its quills as knitting needles to make a scarf for his friend, the giraffe. 

Pair this sweet story with the Folkmanis porcupine puppet;

you'll be amazed at how much fun you can have with this one.

How will you be love this week, dear reader?

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