A Caffeinated Convo

Today I'm grateful for another crazy-fun opportunity!

I was blessed with an invitation to be on the Teach Better Today show. 
Click {here} if you want to tune in to this joyful interview.
Not on Facebook? Not a problem; find it {here} on YouTube.

I'm super energized by all speaking opps that come my way, but this one is one for the books. Rae asked some great questions, allowed me to showcase Mr. Quigley's Keys, and then let me dig in more about the benefit of slowing down and starting the day with yoga and/or stretches.

I miss these twice-weekly chances to stretch our bodies before we stretch our brains so much that I'm planning on trying it with my third-grade learners next week when we get back.

I mostly use poses from Giselle over at Kids Yoga Stories, like these five that she curated when we worked together on empathy yoga.

Kids of all ages tend to gravitate toward the partner stretches.

And it's a great way to encourage them to connect physically.

Right before the holidays, we savored Would You Rather? Elf yoga!

So many smiles, so much calm before curriculum.

Gosh, this makes me miss these sweet Spanish-class superheroes. Here are a few other 5-minute options for connecting as a class family. Oh, and I think you'll love the return on your investment if you give yoga a go.

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