A Time For Resilience

Today I'm feeling honored, grateful and excited about this opportunity!

I was invited by a local dance studio to talk about resilience.

I jumped at the chance because I'm inspired by how this studio wants to feed the whole dancer. I savored every second speaking with Meghan and I'm feeling grateful that the thought of me.

My go-to resilience expert? Dr. Michele Borba, for sure.
If you haven't read Thrivers yet, the time is now.

Here's a chart with the 7 Essential Traits;
click {here} for the educators' guide.

Curiosity and empathy continue to surface in Dr. Borba's work.

But which one is the most important? In a recent interview,
I heard Michele say that she thinks it starts with self-control.

Food for thought; what's your favorite trait on this list? 

Want to read more? How about a Q&A with Dr. Borba.

Or my interview with her, when the book first came out.

Or her interview that showcases empathy with Katie Kimbell.

What's your favorite strategy for bouncing forward into a new normal?

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