PPBF: Nova's Missing Masterpiece

Early literacy? You bet! This week started with the delight
of reading my new book to my new grandJOY. 💖
This promotion has been dreamy, 
to hold my son's daughter,
to soothe her when she's distressed,
to rock her to sleep,
to sing to her,
to play the ukulele for her,
to watch her learn to smile.

My heart is about to burst out of my chest.

And I'm so grateful for today's PPBF, because it's going to
support her emotional literacy as varied feelings visit.

Author: Brooke Graham
Illustrator: Robin Tatlow-Lord
Publisher: EK Books
Birth date: February 13, 2024
Suitable for: ages 4-8
Themes: feelings, mindfulness, emotional-regulation
Brief synopsis: Excitement and joy about her hand-drawn portrait for her dad quickly turn to frustration and angst as Nova finds that she's lost her masterpiece. Will her assistant Harley be instrumental in helping her calm down long enough to remember where she put it?
Opening page: "Oh Harley, where is the drawing I made for Dad's birthday?" Nova cried.
Her heart ker-thumped and her tummy flip-flopped.

Enjoy an engaging read-aloud {here}.
Find teachers' notes and activity ideas {here}.
Read a review {here}.
Support emotional literacy with Emotion Pops {here}.

Why I like this book: So. Many. Reasons. First of all, it's SO relatable. Who among us hasn't put something special somewhere for safekeeping only to forget where that safe place is? ✋

I was once holding Joshua to keep him safe in an airport,
only to forget that he was in my arms; when I scanned the room with a
 frantic, "Where's Joshua?" our other two kids just snickered.

Next, this treasure has woven in so many emotional-regulation strategies to address the struggle.

Of course she's feeling frustrated; maybe belly breathing will help.

No doubt her anxiety is attacking; how about drinking some water?

She is absolutely angry; could Gary Lamb music soothe her?

And then there are the brilliant illustrations along with a bonus
seek and find challenge, which I know that kids love!

And alliteration. So. Much. Awesome. Alliteration. {sigh}

Check out this masterpiece; you'll be grateful for its place on your shelves.

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Oh, and watch for Birdie & Mipps to release at the end of May.

The original Birdie & Mipps, circa 1988.

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