PPBF: Two Rabbits

As we March into spring, hopefully you're enjoying warmer temps.
If not yet, then I pray that you'll be warmed by today's PPBF pick.

Author: Larissa Ferenchuk
Illustrator: Prue Pittock
Publisher: EK Books
Birth Date: February 13, 2024
Suitable for: ages 4-8
Themes: friendship, feelings, forgiveness
Brief synopsis: When the wind carries hurtful words from their first argument into the world, these two best friends quickly find out that no fight is stronger that their friendship bond. But just how will they fix things so they're hoppy with one another again?

Opening page: On a dark rainy night, on a cold wet field, two rabbits argued, and sharp words were carried along by the wind ...


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Why I like this book: Let's start with how adorable it is. Lots of repetition for our littlest learners and beautiful illustrations to complement the tough topics of feelings, friendships and forgiveness. Since we don't know what the friends argue about, start by asking your readers what they think the argument is about. Prepare to be amazed at the detailed and interestingly-specific answers you'll get to that simple inquiry.

As the friends go their separate ways to deal with the resulting anger, they find out pretty quickly that not only are they mad, but they're also feeling other big emotions, like loneliness and sadness. Oh how I love the idea of stepping away and taking a time out when things get tricky. Walking through our conflicts rather than letting the anger snowball as the conflict intensifies is a healthy strategy which the author brilliantly weaves in as each of the rabbits goes its separate way to process the "sharp words" that were spewed in the heat of the moment.

Without giving too much away, suffice it to say that this gem is a must for your social and emotional learning collection, which is why #SELday 2024 is the perfect day to showcase it. Since we simply cannot give away what we don't have, self-awareness is key to moving through our conflicts. As these two rabbits meander through their feelings, what they notice along the way heightens their sense of who they are and what they want.

After unpacking all of the emotions that your readers can find in this treasure trove, use it as an opportunity to practice apologizing and asking for forgiveness. Role play different scenarios from the answers that they gave you when you asked what the two friends might be fighting about in the first place. Then brainstorm ways to show kindness even if, when, and after we tussle with our friends.

Hop into spring with this touching tale, then head on over to Susanna Hill's blog for her view of Sticks vs. Stones and to see the list of today's other PPBF recommendations.

Oh, and don't forget to turn your clocks forward an hour on Saturday.

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  1. Looks like a great book! I love how "sharp words" goes against the typical "fuzzy bunny" feeling. Thanks for the rec!!


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