Be More Dog

Today's post is dedicated to human's best friend; here's one of our faves, with the #barkrockcoffee toy that she loves. A whole latte.

Her name is Maya, and she's so incredibly cuddly.
She's also the self-appointed shepherd of her baby sister and me.
Then there's Baker boy, who can NOT get enough playtime.
So that I don't forget how much he LOVES to fetch, he brought this boomerang to bed for me and jumped over his sister Sam to give it to me. 

Be still my heart; he's the sweetest boy ever.

Finally, you must meet Frannie; perhaps you already have,
since I've just learned that she's a phenom on TikTok.

What you might not know if that her postman Dan
is my cousin. This good news story makes me so happy!
Aren't they FRANtastic together?

You can also watch the Fox News coverage {here}.

A dog's ability to bring joy into our world is priceless
and this puppy's love for her postman is inspiring.

It begs the questions: 

What in the world might happen if
we all loved more unconditionally?

What might happen if we wagged our tails more
and our finger or tongue less?

What might happen if we ran toward people in love
rather than dismissing them with disdain?

What if we were shepherds instead of wolves,
protecting one another instead of preying and pouncing?

What if we invited one another to play more often? 

I'll leave you to reflect on one of my favorite water ads;
check out how this cat's life improves imagining it's a dog.
How might our world change if we could all Be More Dog?

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