PPBF: There's No Such Thing As Vegetables

Wednesday was Draft Day with my publisher and me, so I'm excited and grateful to share that we have a cover and a first draft of the my new book, due to release on the day of my late brother Mipps' birth, May 23. 

Our Focus Team is combing the pages to provide valuable feedback 
so that we can go to print soon. Eeeeeeeeek!

Settle. Settle. Breathe. 

First, today's PPBF, though I'm not sure my husband 
or sons would agree with the title. 😉

Just look at our vegetable garden going gang-busters!

Title: There's No Such Thing As Vegetables
Author: Kyle Lukoff
Illustrator: Andrea Tsurumi
Publisher: Henry Holt & Co.
Birth date: February 27, 2024
Suitable for: ages 5-8 
Themes: words, humor, fun
Brief synopsis: When Chester is sent to pick some vegetables for a salad, he's met with some unruly leaves, roots and flowers who don't care to be referred to a veggies.
Opening page: Chester's mom wanted to make a salad. She sent him to the community garden next door to pick some vegetables.

Resources: Enjoy a read-aloud {here}.
Check out a quick review {here}.
Explore plant biology facts {here}.

 Why I like this book: Two things. 1. I was sold on the first page, when Chester heads to the community garden. What a wonderful discussion to have and perhaps even a springboard for starting a giving garden. 2. As an author myself, I love a good play on words! In this book, the 'veggies' stand up for themselves as Chester stands to be corrected about what these plants actually are: Broccoli isn't a vegetable, silly; it's a flower! And carrots? Roots, of course. Personifying the plants is a humorous touch that I think kids will get a kick out of. It's goofy, for sure, but kids love novelty, and I think this newcomer will make them giggle and laugh.

Use the inside cover to inspire them to draw their favorite legume;
invite them to write a silly story about its life and legacy.

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