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Today I'm thinking about the forty years that I've spent in education, 
specifically what I want my students to remember about my classroom.

Can you imagine just how many people I have been blessed to positively impact, influence and love in those four decades?

Mostly, I want to be remembered for compassion, kindness, hope, joy and grace, the perfect segue into our showcase PPBF, a book we just recently bought for our precious new grand-joy, Leah.

Title: Kind
Author: Alison Green
Illustrators: 38 Kind Artists
Publisher: Scholastic
Birth date: October 6, 2020
Suitable for ages: 4-8
Themes: empathy, compassion, kindness
Brief synopsis: What does it mean to be kind? Use this sweet collaboration to cultivate actionable ways to make kindness a verb.
Opening page: 
Imagine a world where everyone is kind.
How can we make that come true?

Resources: Watch a read-aloud {here}.
Read a Kirkus review {here}.
Find teaching enrichment activities {here}.
Show this touching Steve Hartman segment on Kindness.

A giant helping someone smaller? You bet!

Compare and contrast with these kindness titles.

Why I like this book: What if we started every day with the guiding question - What can you do to be kind today? - in this beautiful picture book? It's such a strong goal-setting inquiry for our learners of all ages, including adults. Is there anyone among us who doesn't dream, hope, wish, pray for a kinder, gentler world?

And since kindness knows no calendar, we don't have to wait for a 
 special Kindness Day celebration to share a little kindness.
Mail a card. 
Make a phone call.
Send some fresh flowers.
Better yet, deliver them! 
Text an inspirational song.
Lift someone up in prayer.
Remember a friend's birthday. 
Hold a door open for someone.
Invite someone for a nature stroll.
Make a special meal for a loved one. 

When we plant seeds of kindness, 
beautiful things will grow.

How are you making kindness a way of life?

Need some kindness visual-display ideas? Visit RippleKindness.
Grab some inspirational ideas from The Great Kindness Challenge

PS. A portion of every sale is donated to Three Peas.

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