PPBF: You're My Little Sunshine

Today I'm grateful for those people who are sunshine.

You know who they are; they warm up the rooms they enter
as soon as they walk through the door. Sometimes before,
because just the thought of them brings a smile.

If that's you, then today's PPBF is for you.

Title: You're My Little Sunshine
Author: Nicola Edwards
Illustrator: Natalie Marshall
Publisher: Silver Dolphin Books
Birth Date: February 1, 2022
Suitable for ages: baby - 2
Topics: togetherness, joy, love
Brief synopsis: Double your fun as you turn the pages through this sweet treasure.
Opening page: You're my little sunshine; you are my ray of light.

Watch a read-aloud on YouTube {here}.
Learn more about the You're My Little series {here}.
Sing the You Are My Sunshine lullaby.

Why I like this book: I've never reviewed a board book before, but my 13-week-old Sunshine loves this one. So. Much!

I'm in awe of how engaged she is with it at such a young age. But what's not to like really. The vibrant pictures are eye-catching; the raised ones feel good to the touch. We smile back at the sunshine, get silly and pretend to eat these sweet strawberry cupcakes when the text says, "You're good enough to eat," and get really quiet in the end when the sleepy squirrels are getting ready for bed, making it also a strong tuck-in time story.

Compare and contrast with this sister text.

Consider updating the lyrics to You Are My Sunshine to something sunnier;
here's my go at that cheery revision.

You are my sunshine, my little sunshine;
you make me happy, every day.
You'll always know dear, 
how much we love you,
when we sing, dance, laugh, read, play, and pray.

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