Dancing Through Life

So I saw this meme online the other day and it made me laugh, so I added it to this picture of the dance that my cam caught John and Jacob doing in their kitchen assembly line Saturday, so that friends and family can 
(see what I did there?) enjoy fresh salsa all year long! 🍅💃🍅
So June kicks off every year with my birthday and our wedding anniversary, both on the same day. My husband and I enjoyed the day with our family, hiking, canning, resting, playing with the baby, and ultimately enjoying dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Yummmmm.

Isn't she a cutie pie?
Together is our favorite place to be.

I've also been enjoying the release of Birdie & Mipps.

First up, fan mail from a 5th-grade friend in Florida; her note oozes symbolism with this gorgeous cardinal to match the bird on every page.

Then, the book made its way to Mipps' workplace in Wisconsin, 
to the lounge that bears his name, thanks his work wife, Marie.

It's also now at the Ronald McDonald House of Eastern WI, 
where he served on the Board of Directors for nine years.

Yesterday, I got to sign a copy for my seamstress, who made that pillow over my shoulder from one of Mipps' dress shirts for my Dad for Father's Day. It was serendipitous that I was wearing the Wayside Coffee Co. Tee I got for my birthday since Mipps and I grew up in ... you guessed it ... Wayside, Wisconsin, which is also the setting of our story. 

I guess that makes it my signature shirt.

It's said there are no coincidences in life 
and I'm starting to believe that's true.
It's a dance, isn't it? And every day we get to choose our steps. 

Sometimes it's the Polka, other times the Bunny Hop.
Sometimes it's a Waltz, other times the Tango.

And then, when life gives you too many tomatoes, it's the Salsa.

Happy dancing, dear reader.

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