Service With A Smile

   There was something special about that quick trip to Kroger Sunday morning to fetch a few last-minute Camp items for my teens.  I'm pretty sure it had something to do with Drew.  When I got into the 15-items-or-less aisle, I was greeted by the chipper young checker.  I returned the greeting and couldn't help but notice that Drew was trying desperately to hold back a yawn.  So when I asked him how he was this morning, and he responded, "tired," I said, "I see that," and we both chuckled. Honesty, I like that in a kid!  I told him I didn't have my Kroger card. No problem, he could just type my number into the computer.  We chatted casually for the minute or so that it took him to ring up the soda, shampoo and four other impulse items I was buying.  Then I left.  That's it.  Nothing out of the ordinary, really, except for something about his courteous, customer-friendly manner made me pause as I was about to pass a man who appeared to be the manager on my way out of the store.
  "May I help you with something?" he asked.  So I stopped to tell him that Drew was really a pleasant employee. "Drew?" he replied with a somewhat shocked inflection in his voice and look on his face. I went on to explain that Drew was the kid on the 15-items-or-less aisle who had just waited on me and that I could tell that Kroger cared about its customers because they'd hired a really good kid.  "Oh, yes, Drew.  He's a good boy; it's just that we don't usually get very many compliments. Thanks for letting me know."
   My brief encounter with Drew that morning reminded about a Simple Truths clip that features Johnny the Bagger. Click here to see Johnny's simple strategy that set him apart and had the power to transform. Oh, and the next time you're thinking something really nice about someone, try saying it out loud and watch what happens.

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