Words In A Window

Jodi over at Fun In First has TONS of back-to-school activity ideas posted so hop on over and join the fun.  Here's an idea my family members, students and workshop participants enjoy; happy new year!

Window cards might very well be my favorite pick-me-up. Do you know about these?  From Bliss to Brilliance, from Spirit to Success, from You Can Do It! to You're Incredible!, these little cards with a secret message hidden inside intrigue and inspire me. I first stumbled on them a few years ago when Starbucks marketed them as BLOOM (for adults) and LEAP (for kids) cards. The summer they were discontinued, my sister and I spent an entire day in Chicago going from store to store scooping up the half-priced treasures. Do you know how many Starbucks there are in Chicagoland? My suitcase was packed! What a fun memory that is.
   I love to tuck them into thank-you notes, leave them on the pillow after I've spent the night somewhere, add them to lunch boxes, even put them in a basket in my office for my visitors, big and small, to open with me or take with them. They can also be used as an engaging getting-to-know-you activity; take turns buddy buzzing with a partner about your secret message and what it means to you. When I pitched this idea to my friends at Rising Star Education, they let me help write the inspiring, character-focused messages for the Turbo Booster cards they added to their product line.  You can even make your own using a die-cut shape and a sticker to lift the flap that'll cover the secret message.  
   Yesterday morning, I handed a Practice Kindness card to my sister-in-law on our way out the door after a wonderful week-long vacation stay at their place, my childhood home, on the family farm.  She opened it and read it out loud:  Leave every story better than you found it. I pondered that wise counsel all the way back to Texas. I'd never really thought about it that way, that with every encounter, you enter someone's story. You stay for a spell, then you move on. So much wisdom in one little window. How might these help you live inspired?


  1. Love this idea and will certainly use it. Also, thank you for the nice little one you sent me!

  2. Glad it arrived safely with your book. They really are fun for the kids - and the kid in me!


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