World Peace

I experienced a little piece of what World Peace must be like this past week, in La Grange, Texas, of all places, at Camp Lonestar for the Discovery Camp 2011 closing gathering. After six days of hanging out as either a Bolt or a Gladiator, tackling the challenge course, participating in devotions, roasting mallows over the campfire, praying together and getting to know one another, Discovery teens close out their time together by passionately praising their Maker. They talk about their week, perform the Christian Music Videos that they’ve choreographed and rehearsed, sing songs, and share key Bible verses. We witnessed unparalleled beauty as we watched 170 teenagers move in perfect harmony with one another and in love for their Lord.
   To simply say "WOW!" would be gravely inadequate; these teenager testimonials were transformational. Young people who might typically be scared to death of public speaking stand up to publicly profess that their faith trumps their fear. That week in the great outdoors gives them a chance to take a break from batteries and search their souls, to get away from cyberspace and commune with nature, to let go of their troubles and team build with like-minded teens. And then, they give it all back to God. They share their struggles and their successes, their connections and their challenges, their weaknesses and their wishes.  And then, they give it all back to God. The emotion behind their tears at the Benediction was so heartbreakingly painful; their sorrow at saying good-bye spoke to the special bond that they shared in the Spirit and said all that was left to say. 
   So what does that have to do with World Peace? I think that the answer is simple, really. These kids are our future. If each of them takes that elevating experience and feeling out into the world wherever life takes them, and if they’re able to call on the Peace that passes all human understanding, especially during times of conflict and struggle, it cannot help but ripple out into the lives of people whose paths they cross.  When these teens pay it forward and share that love that so deeply connected them that week and was so palpable in that closing ceremony, then World Peace will be close at hand.  

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