The Importance of Being Ernestine

Think you know what it means to be over-scheduled?  Think again. My Flash Light Press preview copy of The Busy Life Of Ernestine Buckmeister by author Linda Ravin Lodding came in today's mail and I cannot wait until October, when Ernestine makes her debut on the children's literature stage, and you get to meet the queen of the extracurricular. 

The scene is all-too familiar; this precious prodigy can't ever play with her friend over the fence because she's rushing off to the next event on her calendar, kindly kept by Nanny O'Dear. Her parents, who've advised "live life to the fullest" and "make every moment count," have her scheduled solid with something extra every day of the week - sculpting and swimming, taking musical arts and martial arts, yodeling and yoga, knitting and no free time.  She is one busy beaver!

And guess what?  Just like a beaver, she'd rather be playing around outside. So Ern concocts the perfect plan to ditch her personal PDA and, when she doesn't show up on schedule one day, her parents get to walk in her shoes for a spell, crossing the bridge she built between what the child-in-her needs and what her parents want for their little girl.  Not only do they get a healthy dose of empathy, but they ultimately learn a very valuable lesson about the importance of being Ernestine.  

The eye-catching illustrations by Suzanne Beaky totally pop off of the pages, adding a marvelous magic to this terrific text.  Put this one on your wish list; it'll undoubtedly serve an important reminder (that you'll want to revisit time and time again!) about allowing encouraging your busy beavers 
to engage in purposeful play.


  1. Looks like a great book. Can't wait to catch up on my blog reader. Had a great vacation.

  2. Thanks, Barbara, for such nice words on the "importance of being Ernestine!" Loved it!

  3. Wow - this book's author wrote a reflection! From the Netherlands!! How cool is that? Linda, it's a keeper - can't wait to see your Milton book.


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