The Sound of Silence

As I was cleaning up yesterday, I came across my folder from a spiritual renewal retreat I attended a few years back. Here's a snapshot of my notes:

Some of my favorite reflections from that chance to get still 
still resonate with me today:

*Restore the rhythm of rest.
*Quiet the internal noise.
*Silence means listening.
*Break the frenzy.
*Be still and know.
*Gratitude is a choice.
*Live in the present moment.
*Sustain and savor the positive.
*Build the capacity to do nothing.

How does silence sound in your world?


  1. These are great reflections. Good insight.

  2. Thank you for this gentle reminder to stop and enjoy the silence :)

  3. The sound of silence ... I think I've forgotten what it sounds like ;). But I'm looking forward to hearing it again ... probably not for quite a few years, though. But right now, (most days), I'll gladly trade the sound of silence for the sound of little girl giggles (did I mention "most" days??)

    LOVE the journal page!!!

    Runde's Room

  4. Thank you for this post which I made my tired eyes check before calling it a glad I did! "Be still and know..." is key. I'll never forget the time my pastor said that verse gives us "permission to chill out" sometimes. Most days I park beside a kindergarten teacher's van whose license plate reads "BSTLNNO" and it gives me pause, until I enter the building and the life of an elementary school counselor takes over! By the way, you're some note-taker, Barb! It's absolutely artistic!!

  5. Thanks for the reminder to be is so easy to let the momentum sweep us away in the beginning of the school year. :-)

  6. I can't remember what it sounds like anymore. :)

    I think I need to take that time spent driving and make it my silent time-time to reflect, think, pray, thank, decide, etc......

    Thanks for the reminder!


  7. I'm single, so I come home to silence every night. It's actually something I've come to thoroughly enjoy. (My cousin jokes that when she gets married, her husband will have to move in next door.) Thank you for more wonderful thoughts.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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