A Conspiracy Of Kindness

I received the most beautiful pick-me-up on Friday morning car rider duty when my little kindergarten friend Maddie got out of her car with the biggest smile on her face, headed right toward me, and said in her purely
angelic, high-pitched voice, 
"I sure hope we get to come to guidance with you today!" 

Well, no, I'm kept so busy at this time of year coordinating service projects like Adopt-A-Family that I don't typically fit a round of guidance between our return from Thanksgiving and our launch into winter break. But her out-of-the-blue affirmation made my heart swell so much that it prompted an email with an offer to my teachers saying I'd like to come by each classroom to give each teacher a fifteen-minute break while I read one of the treasures from my holiday collection. Because of Maddie's kind words. 
If you give a little love...

Sometimes my readers scout out good character resources for me that perfectly complement what I'm talking about; thanks to Sandi from 
Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes for the lead on this clip {here}. Do yourself a favor and watch what happens with one kind act, like Maddie's affirmation, ripples out into the world. 
If you give a little love...

Isn't the warmth of those good deeds, 
however small and seemingly insignificant,
positively decadent?
What might happen tomorrow 
if we each gave a little love today...

Want a few more ideas for creating a conspiracy of kindness? 
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 Have You Touched A Heart Today
And while you're there, why not leave a kind comment to encourage my new friend on her new blog.

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  1. Hello BlogPal:

    You will be smiling when you see how similar my Twelve Days before Winter Break are to your list!

    Thanks for sharing kindness with all you do. If I went to your school, I'd feel the same way Maddie does!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade


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