Unwrap The Present

Every Day Is A Gift ...

What will you do with your present today?

Do yourself a favor and watch this motivational ESPN clip about J.J. Watt, an athlete who has shown love beyond measure to a family in need.

After you dry your tears, why not celebrate with my friend Kim by entering her AmAzInG giveaway. 
Clearly she gets the jNy of generosity and sharing!
Just click the JOYful graphic below to go there now:


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for the lead on that touching JJ Watt clip!

  2. Being from Wisconsin and watching JJ for his years as a Badger, this clip does not surprise me. JJ is an awesome person, more than a football player. He gets it. He knows he is a role model and he has not let fame go to his head. What a gift he is to the Berry family!

    1. On Wisconsin! I'm so proud of our hometown hero!!

  3. What a super motivational video! Where do you find all this stuff? I love not only the message here but also the part about writing about someone who influenced your life. I might have to use that assignment myself.


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