The Souper Bowl of Caring

Can it be Superbowl Sunday already? How will you celebrate? 
At Westwood-Bales, we're hosting a post-game Souper Bowl of Caring canned-food drive this week and integrating it into our 

Graphic by our talented school webmaster Jane Ann.

I'm excited because I've got enough Fill-A-Bucket 
Books and Border for a daily giveaway for faculty and staff. 
Who wouldn't want to trim their next bulletin board with this?
{Check back for your chance to win later this week!}

Bucket Border is now available at Bucket Fillers 101.

Friday we'll host a Go College day. 
Here's a shot from last year's college colors celebration:

A Sooner Sandwich - Jennifer Quigley and Kristy Michael from Team First
And finally, an update from day 24 of my recovery. 
I have been abundantly blessed by over 
six hundred get-well notes and cards; 
{I went ahead and counted as I re-read through all of them} 
every single one of them is 
medicine for my heart and soul.

A mountain of kindness and love!
And remember that new car that Wyatt got me? 
Look what I discovered during my test drive ... it lights up!

Test-driving my cool convertible!

I was released to work parttime (three hours per day) last week and it was incredibly therapeutic to be back where I belong. It was so cute to hear them gasp as they went by my office and saw the door opened and the light on. 
"Is she in there?" they would wonder aloud. 
I managed to teach four peace-class lessons and hold two small group counseling classes. A second-grade girl that I work with took my hand as we walked down the hall. I can't tell you how high my heart jumped when I heard her say, 
"We're almost there, Mrs. Gruener." 
as we approached my office. 
I'm still on light duty for two more weeks; a huge thanks to my drivers (April, Carol, Deanna, John, Laura, Libby, Mary, Margaret and anyone else whom I'm forgetting)! 
Physical therapy (two times per week) finds me in a love-hate relationship with my therapist, who kept repeating her mantra motion is lotion 
as she helped me bend my injured knee from 
a comfortable 76 degrees to a painful 81-degree angle in an attempt to increase my range of motion both there and in my ankle.

Here I am, taking life 
step by step, 
bit by bit, 
moment by moment.

A grateful me, dancing for JOY!

My friends and family continue to serve up a heaping helping of
compassion and caring 
and for that, I am ever-so-grateful.

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  1. Well, it's not in because of the super bowl but our student counsel is collecting coats. You've inspired me to take a picture and blog about it. We are also about to start Care for Animals Week where we collect food and supplies for the local Animal Shelter.


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