PPBF: One Voice

Last night my husband treated me to an outing 
to hear the Houston Symphony perform back-up
for the amazingly talented Linda Eder.
If you don't know her work,
do yourself a favor and listen to her belt out
Man of LaMancha
She sang it last night. 
Sure enough, I cried.
That's not the only one that made me cry; 
so did Someone Like You
Just pierced my heart. What a gift her voice is.

Today's post {#2 in the countdown} puts us another day closer
to my 1000-posts celebration on June 1st.
And what better PPBF to showcase than 
Cindy McKinley's newest treasure One Voice.

Title: One Voice
Author: Cindy McKinley
Illustrator: Mary Gregg Byrne
Publisher: Illumination Arts
Date: July 31, 2013
Realistic Fiction
Suitable for ages: 5 and up
Themes: kindness, peace, pay it forward
Brief synopsis: On his way to start a project, a young boy in this circle story gives up his seat on the bus and creates a chain reaction that even he couldn't possibly see coming.
Opening page:  "Today's the day!" Jacob whispered to himself. While standing at the bus stop, he thought of all the places a boy could go to ask for donations. He couldn't wait to start working on his new project. When the bus arrived, it was more crowded than usual, and Jacob sat in the last empty seat.


Enjoy a Books That Heal Kids Review {here}.

Learn about the Pay It Forward experience {here}.

Read about an anonymous pay it forward in San Fran {here}.

Watch this You Tube clip and discuss.

{Note: Pay It Forward is a PG-13 film, so consider your audience.}

Challenge your students to start a pay-it-forward project
that doesn't cost a cent.
What do they have that they could give away?
What could they do to change the world?

Why I like this book:  Its message is just so simply powerful.
One small voice.
One child on a mission.
One kind thought.
One generous action.
Countless stakeholders.
And a memorial that reads: May peace prevail on earth.
A Peace Pole, to honor his dad, who's away on active duty,
serving his country. Talk about making footsteps worth following.

It reminded me of the Character Totem Pole at our sister school.

The reflection questions in the end put the
proverbial frosting on the cake.
And the author's suggestions to get involved? Priceless.

Our students got involved by making this kindness PSA.

Check out this book; you'll be delighted that you did.

Oh, and don't forget that you've got a few more days to enter
at the The Really Good Stuff blog to win a copy of 
my new release, What's Under Your Cape? {here}.


  1. Sounds like a marvelous performance! Lucky you. Thn to pair that with a book, how perfect!

  2. Looks like a lovely book to encourage paying it forward. Thanks for sharing!

  3. A kind comment that I accidentally deleted from my friends at Reading With Rhythm: I love circle stories and serendipity! This looks like the perfect book to go along with your big date! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I really enjoyed the theme of this book. Paying it forward is on my PR idea list, but knew there were probably some excellent books out there. Have seen the movie many times. Such an important thing to teach young kids because it could literally change the world if they grew up doing something like this.

    I am so happy you got to hear Linda Eder sing with your symphony. Man of La Mancha is one of my favorite musicals. I've never heard a woman sing and loved her voice, And, I listened to "Someone Like You." Gorgesous. Thank you for introducing her to me. We attend the symphony, so perhaps she will tour to other cities. One of my favorites is Elaine Paige.

  5. Such an important concept to share with kids and yet one that is often forgotten. This story sounds very encouraging.

  6. Every time I visit your blog, Barbara, I kick myself for not coming more often...you have a quality site here...so much work goes into making it and keeping it this way...thank you. ;)
    What a lovely book...and beautiful concept...and I'm excited for you about your new book...congratulations!

  7. Beautiful book and review. I have seen the movie a few times. Love the theme. We need more books like this out in the world. Thanks.


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