Hungry To Be A Hero

Today I'm thinking about ordinary people
doing extraordinary things.
Look at the card I found at the Post Office
that reminded me of my book cover:

HERO is such a big word ... you wear it well.
Do you know someone who wears that word well?

Meet Sofia from the upcoming Flashlight Press release 
Maddi's Fridge by Lois Brandt.

Sofia can't help but want to help when she sees
that Maddi's refrigerator is empty.
But, slightly embarrassed by their plight, 
Maddi makes Sofia promise not to tell.
Not even her mom.
So Sofia uses her problem-solving superpowers ...
to no avail.
She eventually realizes that nothing will be as powerful 
as reporting that need to an adult like her mom.
So that they can work together to find a solution.
But what will happen to these BFFs
once that promise is broken?

I find it increasingly important to give students 
dilemmas like these to chew on.
It's especially difficult when two values collide.
Sofia wants to keep her promise and guard her friend's secret,
but she also wants to right a wrong and help out.
One in five children may not always have enough to eat.
Now that's a problem!
This tasty morsel can certainly inspire
your superheroes soar to new heights
and help combat hunger along the way!

 Visit Maddi's Empty Fridge page for enrichment ideas.
Then create an action plan and do something.
Make treat bags for the homeless population.
Put extra bottles of water in your car to give out.
Assemble hygiene kits to accompany the food and water.
Donate regularly to a local food pantry.
Check at your local school to see if they participate in 
the Backpack Buddy Program. Offer to help!

Want more ways to extend this treasure?
Visit Pennies of Time for ideas on helping the homeless {here}.
Check out the Moms Fighting Hunger Facebook page {here}.
Fight hunger with a heaping helping of resources 
at a Childhood Beckons blog hop {here}.
Learn more about Houston's meals-on-wheels for preK kids {here}.
Visit the Mercy Tree {here}.
And see about sharing your garden bounty {here}.

September is Hunger Action Month, the perfect time
to serve up this superhero's story. 

Pre-order your copy today.


  1. My Girl Scout troop decorated lunch bags and helped fill them for the local meals on wheels. A great experience!
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  2. What a great little book! Thanks for all the inspiration!


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