Giving Tuesday

Happy Giving Tuesday. 

Read a bit more about this National Giving Day
at Jennifer's blog the Good Long Road {here} and
find a comprehensive list of resources at Amy's blog {here}.
Want a list of holiday books with a generosity theme?
Visit Roxanne's blog Books That Heal Kids {here}.
Here's my RAK Bulletin Board,
inspired by David Curry's 30 Acts Chart.

Each snowman represents an opportunity for students to put kindness into action as spelled out on the brim of the snowy guy's top hat: on the playground, in the hallways, in the classroom, toward others. The buttons offer simple suggestions. I used fuzzy socks for scarves and real twigs for arms. The eyes are hearts, the smiles formed from stars. I had a blast putting it together.

Today I'm delighted to showcase a climate changer I met on Facebook {here}. Joelle Hood hails from CA and her work is designed sparked a Kindness Revolution as she experiments to make kindness contagious. How cool is that? Here's a graphic she posted yesterday:

Comfort and joy. 
I like that on a to-do list.
She posts inspirational stuff every day,
because she lives it. It's a habit for her.
An advocate for social-emotional learning, she has worked as a teacher, a school administrator and a Catalyst Coach. Thank you, Ms. Hood, for being a force of nature. I appreciate you and all that you give. You are positively inspiring. 


  1. I like those kindness snowmen!

  2. Happy Giving Tuesday. Glad you did a blog post. There are so many ways for children to give at this time of year. Wish I still had young children.

  3. I LOVE this bulletin board! I have been searching the past couple days for a great kindness idea for my next bulletin board. Thank you som ugh for sharing your amazing ideas! When I zoom in on the photo, what is written on the buttons is too blurry to read. Could you share a few examples of what you put on the buttons? Thank you again for this beautiful idea!

    1. Hi Cyndi - and thank you for your kind words. The suggestions on the buttons are adapted from this chart from Primarily Peace that I posted Monday: When you gets your adaptation up, we'd LOVE to see a picture!

  4. I absolutely LOVE your bulletin board, Barbara!
    Barbara Leyne Designs

  5. How sweet! Thanks for the SHOUT OUT, Barbara! Hood's Kindness Revolution Experiment is a labor of love for me, and I appreciate your boost in helping me to make kindness contagious. <3


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