A Kindness Calendar

Happy December, the month of uncommon goodness and love. This month at the Corner, I'll be spotlighting some climate changers that I've met, collaborated with, and been inspired by in 2014.  Let's start up in Illinois with special education teacher and peace educator David Curry (@PrimarilyPeace). 
Look at this thoughtful Kindness Chart he created last week:
Click graphic to visit the Primarily Peace website.

When a tweet came through our feed asking if we'd seen a calendar like this, Mr. Curry went to work on this one. Talk about a kind act. I'm planning to adapt it on a bulletin board today; I can't wait to see what develops. 

We traded Character Ts. 

This one's coming my way:

It's so fun to connect with and learn from like-minded educators. Thank you, David Curry, for making our world a more peace-filled place to be.

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