A Letter From Character Camp 2015

Dear Reader,

I really must get one of these shirts
Character Camp 2015 has been AmAzInG so far. The flight went smoothly and I met two new friends on the plane. The weather is a cool, dry 75 degrees and the sunshine feels good on my skin.

Last night, I enjoyed dinner with my friends Mike and Diane from Film Clips for CharacterSuch a kindhearted couple! They're working on something new so stay tuned for details. Then I met up with filmmaker and friend Jennifer from The Good Long Road blog for dessert and we savored not only some tasty frozen yogurt but also a breathtaking sunset before returning to base camp.

Soon I'll head to Character Counts! headquarters for a meeting; the National Association for Elementary School Principals (NAESP) conference that I'm here for actually starts tomorrow. Check out this slide I made for my presentation called Empathy, Compassion & Kindness: Success Skills That Will Change School Climate For Good. Who wouldn't want to be at Character Camp talking about these champs?

Click picture for info on Moorhead's Farms.
Before I left on my adventure, the boys and I picked 13 lbs. of these tasty treasures. It's an annual tradition, to head to the Conroe area and spend a few hours filling our buckets with these bush-ripened treats. And every year, I'm reminded of Jaime Vollmer's Blueberry story. It's a powerful metaphor about the students in our class.

Tomorrow night at Camp, there's an online #teacherfriends Birthday Bash going on ... and you're invited! As this Chat's first #GuestEduCelebrity, I'm donating a signed copy of What's Under Your Cape? to three lucky chat participant winners. Won't you join the Fab Four and me at 8 pm {CST} on TweetDeck to celebrate?
It's a good thing that there's wifi here at Camp, because look what popped onto my Twitter feed yesterday; it's Jill from Kids For Peace, on location in Arizona at the American School Counselors Association annual conference. Is your school signed up for the Great Kindness Challenge 2016 yet? Super excited that she's also headed to NAESP Wednesday so we'll be reconnecting at Character Camp as well.
Other campers I'll be seeing include Kim from Joy in Sixth and Shawna from The Picture Book Teacher's Edition.

Must sign off now as I want a bowl of that oatmeal with brown sugar and cream before the mess hall closes breakfast down.

Love from a very happy camper,

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