Magical Mindsets

Today I'm excited about the book I read on my way to and during my first day of Character Camp: The 7 Mindsets To Live Your Ultimate Life
by empowerment experts Scott Shickler & Jeff Waller.

And WoW - it's a game changer!
The way it came to me says almost as much about the book as the content that has drawn me in. You see, I signed up to get the 7 Mindsets weekly challenges by email and was immediately intrigued by the insight and inspiration, so much so that I shared out one of the stories on Twitter. Well, one of the authors sent a private message thanking me for helping spread the word. My pleasure, I thought, we certainly can't get too much of a good thing, right? Then I got another message asking me if I'd like a copy of the book, no strings attached. Wait, what? Of course. Absolutely. No question. I love books and I love studying mindset. So I thank them profusely and send them my address. And then, get this: I get the package with a copy for me and a pay-it-forward copy. Two copies. And I noticed that this book is a 1for1 book, which means that for every book purchased, one is donated to a student  through the Magic Wand Foundation. How cool is that? 
These guys truly are walking the talk. 

So I made this graphic using a picture I took from my airplane window en route to Character Camp earlier this week.

It is by no means meant to be a substitute for delving into their amazing content and challenging yourself to live the ultimate life, but rather to pique your curiosity about what exactly these magical mindsets are and how they can work to our benefit. First, let's listen in:

Now I need to make something really clear: I'm calling these 7 Mindsets magical but, in truth, it has nothing to do with tricks or mirrors or illusions. They're only magical in that they will transform your life, if you take them to heart and work through them with intention. On purpose. Leaving nothing to chance.

I love that the book is glittered with inspirational quotes.
Here's one that I hadn't heard before that really resonates with me:

It's how the We Are Connected chapter begins.
Each chapter provides a Step-by-Step Approach for that Mindset In Action along with a Mindset in a Minute review. This "blueprint for an extraordinary life" is research-based and grounded in real-life examples of ordinary people doing extraordinary things once they unlocked the memes that could have kept them from being the best they could be. 

So that's it. I am not giving any more of this treasure trove away. You simply must check out this book and read for yourself how changing just one thought can forever change your view of the world and how you experience it. 
Then check back and let us know what you think.

Thank you, Scott and Jeff, for giving me much to digest, process, and reflect upon as I move forward with intention into every new day and opportunity. 

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