Attention, Balance, Compassion

Happy first day of Springtime and International Day of Happiness.
Know what makes me happy?
Need some ideas for warming the world?
Check out this postcard we got in the mail
from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

So many ways to come to the rescue with kindness.
Take this superhero fifth grader, for example.
A few weeks back, she brought me a bag filled with these origami notes, asking if I could mail them to Puerto Rico for her, to cheer up some friends who were recovering from hurricane Maria.

Today, I was happy to share over the morning announcements
that her kind act was reciprocated with priority mail
from a fifth-grade class at Colegio Radians.

Are these not the most beautiful hand-folded treasures?

Happiness from one child's heart to another.

Yes, my friend, kindness is contagious.
In that same batch of mail, we received a special pebble,
a Kindness Rock for our Peace Garden!

 A blinged-out starfish.
From England, with love.
A gorgeous addition to our serenity spot.
Kindness beautifies everything.

And this sweet story of kindness, from our FHS Choir,
the gift of song for a Swedish couple at their wedding.
It just happened in the moment.

Speaking of in the moment, today I'm eager to start integrating the ideas in this book. Lots of mindfulness ideas to help all of us embrace
Attention, Balance, Compassion.

This handbook will perfectly complement the work I'm doing
both personally and professionally to become more mindful.

Coupled with these inspirational journals from Fox Chapel Publishing, my mindfulness practice is really going to rock.

These beautiful new guided journals offer intentional opportunities
to reflect and rejoice. I'm especially excited about this one.
Check them out by clicking on the book cover image.

For now, I'm signing off for about a week as I head to Wisconsin
and help my Dad as he heals from some health issues.

What are you joyful about on this International Day of Happiness?

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