That Character Quilt

Today I'm excited because I received a message that our character quilt is finished and ready to be picked up. Moments later, I was at Lori's front door, 
eager to see how it turned out and take it home.

The idea for that character quilt came last summer when my friend Ann brought some of her old Westwood t-shirts by to see if I'd have any use for them. I figured that some of hers coupled with a few more of mine would make the twenty we'd need for a really nice t-shirt throw. 

There are so many memorable moments 
represented in the seventeen years that these Ts span. 
Lots of ups and downs, 
lots of highs and lows, 
lots of smiles and some tears, too.
Okay, lots of tears.
A gentle mix of happiness and heartache,
a poignant parallel to life itself.
Because things change.
Programs and people come and go.
Students grow up and move on.
And colleagues change jobs and retire.
If those t-shirts could talk ... what a story they'd tell.

So today I'm feeling grateful to Ann for her shirts and to my 
quilt-making friend Lori for sharing her time and talents so that this character quilt could find its way onto the bed in our Texas Room. My greatest hope is that every visitor who wraps up in it will feel the caring and love that envelopes me every single moment of every single day as a part of the Westwood Elementary and Bales Intermediate school families deep in the heart of Texas.

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