An Awe-Struck New Year

Today it doesn't seem possible that Christmas 2018 is now just a distant memory. When you reflect on it through the rearview mirror, how was it? 

Did you find wonder and awe in the small moments?

We started our morning with a long walk, followed by Aebelskiver,
a traditional Danish dish for breakfast; click the image for a recipe.

Then we headed to our dinner and gift exchange
{and traditional shot on the staircase} with the Grueners.

I got a lot of really nice things, but this hand-painted sign
that Jacob made for me really tugged at my heartstrings.

It's based on a conversation we had at tuck-in time
about a dozen years ago, when he was in Jr. High.
We were discussing some feedback I'd gotten from
a speaking engagement, in McKinney ISD, I believe.
The convo that went something like this
began when he inquired how it went.
Me: One of the participants said that I was changing the world;
isn't that kind of silly?
Jacob: Well, mom, you are, you know.
 Me: But son, the world is such a big place.
Jacob: But you've spoken in Texas, right? And you've spoken in California? And D.C.? Georgia? And Tennessee? Indiana? And Puerto Rico? Washington and Wisconsin and Vermont?
Me: Yes.
Jacob: Well, mom, what you have to say is rippling out, 
and eventually those ripples are going to touch.

Truth, from the head and the heart of my thirteen-year-old. Can you see why I teared up? I treasured the other thoughtful gifts, too; Kaitlyn got me a book and invited me to do a book study with her. How fun is that? John picked out a few really pretty shirts for me and Joshua got me a red sequin mindfulness throw.

I really wanted the magical feeling 
of those precious moments
to last just a little bit longer.

We finished the day watching two classics,
Rudolph and The Little Drummer Boy. 

And now it's time to look forward with intention.
Have you picked a #oneword2019 yet?
I do believe mine is going to be awe. 

I savor that feeling
and want to do a better job at 
finding it and creating it.
I plan to look for awe in the small stuff,
to search for awe in my rituals and my routine, 
to watch for awe wherever I go, in whatever I do.

Mixing respect with fear or wonder;
pushing courageously through the fear
to revel in the inspiration.
To be left awe struck.

be real,
seek truth,
dream big,
give grace,
choose joy,
build hope,
inspire awe,
stay grateful,
pursue peace,
create beauty,
breathe deeply,
show empathy, 
accept mistakes,
bounce forward,
live generously,
be a loyal friend,
spread positivity,
share compassion,
practice kindness,
live with integrity,
value vulnerability,
embrace challenges,
love wholeheartedly,
treasure quiet moments,
sparkle with enthusiasm,
solve conflicts peacefully,
unwrap the
present, each
and every day.


 Here's to a tree-mendously awe-filled 2019.


  1. Love the idea of choosing a word. Thank you for inspiring me. I think I will join you in looking for awe. I like the idea of wholehearted. To do things with your whole heart not saving a piece just putting your whole heart into life. ❤️

  2. Does one find her word for the year, or does it find her? Because "courage" keeps showing up in my life in the last few days. That scares me a have courage one must be in a situation that is scary or overwhelming or unknown. I don't want to be in any of those! However, I'm being nudged to choose "courage" and so I do.

    1. It's a perfect word, the opportunity to be brave even when something terrifies you. You are wise to listen when a #oneword seeks you out. Blessings on your courageous journey through 2019, Tanya.


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