A Dozen Ways To Share Kindness

The belief that April showers bring May flowers 
has me thinking about this Karen Salmansohn invitation:

What if, when we shower people with kindness,
certain flowers (or other kind acts) would bloom?
Well, that's how the kindness boomerang works.

So today, a dozen suggestions for sharing life's finest fragrance.

1. Go berry picking and bake something delicious. Jacob was able to share our Kolaches with some elderly friends, with roommates, with neighbors, with his supervising professor. He even shared with me to serve at my self-care workshop.

2. Capture a sunset for someone. Just look at the joy seized from under 
Friday Night Lights, as I looked for {awe}, my #oneword2019.

3. Give someone a shout out. Like this guy. Juan.
We are in the middle of house renovations and he is working
tirelessly to remove wall paper and help bring our home
into this century. Thank you, Juan, for your hard work! 

4. Share a memory. During some much-needed spring cleaning,
I came across this badge from a dozen years ago, when we did
a skit to launch our school theme that year: I.C.U.

Intensive Care Unit.
Where I see you
Where you matter. 
Where everyone is loved and cared for.

Texted this memory to our leadership team. 
So we could remember. And smile.

5. Thank someone. More goodness from many years ago,
my first-grade team at Westwood Elementary helping others
in my name, in lieu of a Christmas gift.

Again, a quick text, to thank them for their thoughtfulness.

6. Say yes and share a story. I was invited by a former student to speak to a group of a thousand middle-school students on Friday.

I told the story about how our son put his friend's name on a 
raffle ticket to increase the friend's chances to win this prize.

When one of those tickets was drawn as the winner,
it served as a playful reminder that it only takes one.
One caring connection. One kind act.

7. Shine the light on someone's heart work. Meet Principal Evan Robb
he's a hope dealer, and I'm grateful for his servant leadership.

8. Conserve energy by turning off lights you don't need. Invite your kids to be Watt Watchers and lead the charge to conserve our resources.

9. Support a child's passion project. Yesterday, our four-year-old neighbor came by to invite us to her Art Gallery sale. Like a lemonade stand, only better. Check out my new bracelet; we're tickled pink to support Ruthie's passion for art.

10. Recycle. Love this set-up at the Hampton Inn in WA.

11. Give someone who serves an extra-generous tip. It brought joy to extra-tip the guy making the Kettle Corn at our school's fundraiser on Saturday.

12. Look out for mementoes that connect to someone.  

Melissa brought this winged heart back from Mexico for me. 
Her kind words on this hand-made bookmark
put a spring in my step and a song on my soul. 

I'm grateful for this new friend, who helps renew 
my belief and faith in the goodness of human-kind.

What other blooms might you add to our beautiful bouquet?

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