Loving Transformations

Today as we celebrate the birthday of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 
I'm grateful for transformational opportunities.

Loving transformations that promote growth, 
like from enemy to friend,
from lost to found,
from frazzled to calm,
from hate to love,
from knowing to going,
from fear to faith.

I pray for transformation every day,
so that MLK Jr's dreams live on in all of us.

To honor his legacy, today I've got some
transformational resources for you, dear reader.

First, this new leadership guide, Lead With Faith
courageously authored by my friend Sarah Johnson.

As you move through 2020 toward your goals with intention,
this masterpiece will help you take that leap of faith.

Check out my reflections after I was blessed
with a sneak peek just before it released,
then check out this transformational newcomer.

Sarah's work truly reads like a passionate love letter to her Lord
as she shares her life's journey from fear-based hanging on
to faith-based living strong. 

Hats off, Sarah; I'm so proud of you 
and forever grateful to learn from 
for your model of vulnerability, 
hope, and inspirational love.

Next, these cool sensory bubble timers.

Though I wish it were longer than just a one-minute timer,
I definitely know some learners who will benefit
from the soothing comfort that watching the bubbles
will bring to their brains. Can't you just feel the calm?

I can't wait to share them with my Giraffes tomorrow.

And speaking of Giraffes, have you seen this adorable treasure?

It's currently on sale for $5 at Kohl's
and it's worth every cent and more.

In this gem by Jory John,
Edward, the Giraffe, feels bad about his neck.
In fact, it's all wrong.
Too everything.

Or at least that's what our tall friend is telling himself.

 And no matter what he does to try to hide it by 
dressing it up and dressing it down, 
his neck just isn't right.

"It's a neck only a mother could love."

Or is it?

Enter Cyrus, the Turtle, who comes along
and convinces Edward just how blessed he is
to have such an impressive neck.

More transformation.

And last but not least, it's time to Just Feel.

This feels like a must-have guide for teaching
 emotional literacy and mindfulness.

Because our feelings matter.

Here's a slide I've been sharing in my
self-care and SEL workshops;

the image on the left with info from the Gottman Institute 
offers empathy statements that'll validate feelings that prompt tears.

Let's not tell one another to stop crying.

Instead, let's just emote; Just Feel can help.

It's filled with tips and strategies to help us
help our children become self-aware and
learn about what drives them so that they'll be
healthier and stronger in mind, body, and spirit.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try
the Feeling My Body With Colors exercise on page 78.

Check out this book so that you can do the same
and enjoy these loving transformations with me.

Happy birthday, Dr. King; thank you for your
lovingly transformational {heart} work.

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