PPBF: Be You!

Happy Friday; is it almost Thanksgiving break where you are?
Today I'm feeling thankful for the fun I'm having watching
these incredible Monarchs in the making. 

It's time to trim the milkweed back for the winter, so I appreciate
one last opportunity in 2020 to enjoy the quietude with them.

I'm also grateful for books like today's PPBF.

Title: Be You!
Author and Illustrator: Peter H. Reynolds
Publisher: Orchard Books
Birth Date: March 3, 2020
Suitable for: ages 4-8
Themes: identity, empowerment, self-awareness
Brief synopsis: Words of wisdom on BEing who we were meant to BEcome.
Opening page: You were born to BE so many things.


Watch Peter H. Reynolds read the book aloud {here}.
Check out the book's Scholastic page {here}.
Read a Kidlit review {here}. 

Why I like this book: From the opening page, which lists about 70 traits {colorful, moody, heroic, sweet, ambitious, artistic, loved} that a person could BE, this empowerment gift encourages its readers to set sail on their own individual journeys from being to becoming, with a caution not to do it alone: Be okay reaching out for help. That page really speaks to me as I've had to fight going it alone as I've learned to ask for help over the years. 

But my favorite two-page spread has to be this:
 Be connected. Find kindred spirits. 
Be with those who make you feel like the real you.

The REAL you. 
Vulnerably real.
Authentically yourself.
I love that and want it for our littles.
And middles.
And bigs!

So kudos to Peter H. Reynolds for another simply powerful gem! After reading it aloud, encourage your students to do some identity work, to make a list of who they are and which traits they have, then ask them to dream big and do some goal setting for who they are becoming. Which traits would they like to work at sharpening as they become the best versions of themselves that they can be? 

Or they could just draw themselves. 
Or maybe even just a heart-shaped paper.
You could call them BeYOUtiful BEings! 

Encourage a buddy buzz with a partner to share both sides,
who they are and who they are working to become.

What a fun way to help your learners become

For more of today's PPBF picks, head to Susanna's blog next.

Heading out on a much-needed digital detox, so before I sign off,
let me wish you a happy Thanks and Giving, not just for
the week ahead, but for every moment of every day.

In case you missed my Facebook Live with my friend Teacher Toni 
on the practice of gratitude last night, click {here} to watch the replay.

Be blessed as you bless, knowing that
YOU are appreciated and loved. 

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  1. For some reason, I missed this wonderful Reynolds' book on empowerment! Nudging children to become the most they can become -- the best kind of journey!

    I listened to your wonderful interview last night on gratitude. And, I loved seeing your six-year-old thank you letter. You started young. My mother made sure we wrote thank you notes in the 50s-60s. It's always stayed with me. Shared your interview.


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