Frolic With The Foodie Flamingo

Happy Friday; today I'm thinking about #B2S books.

So I made an August calendar with some of my favorite
school-themed SELections to help set the stage
for a successful year as a caring class family.

In other news, today's pick is a fun newcomer 
for our aspiring foodies in the group.

Read a Kirkus review {here}.

In this playful manifesto by Vanessa Howl, when Frankie Flamingo and her friends all flock on Fridays at their favorite place, they all order variations of the same thing: shrimp.

On the day that Frankie hears the word foodie, she decides(to her friends' chagrin), to ask for something other than something made with shrimp.

As she gives other foods a try, you've guessed it,
she becomes the color of the new delicacy.
And not only do the Brussels sprouts turn her green,
but trying new foods make her feel better, braver.

Trying to figure out what's going on with her,
her friends come over and look what happens:

Don't these precious pictures just pop off the page?
And doesn't the alliteration whet your appetite?

I've been creating in the kitchen a lot lately; 
our fried okra was outstanding.

The parmesan-roasted tomatoes were the perfect treat.

Turns out, our Jacob is a foodies, too;
his bacon and tomato quiche was quintessential.

And his fried zucchini strips were seasoned to perfection.

Whether it's in a new restaurant or using a new recipe at home,
take a page from the Foodie Flamingo and book your next adventure; 
wonder what new food you'll put on your plate that'll please your palate.

Oh, and it also reminded me of this Mother's Day gift
from my first-grade Joshua all those years ago.

You could use the book to inspire your students
to share a recipe that they love or would love to try.
The apron and hat were a cute touch, don't you think?

Signing off now to go wrestle up something savory.

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