Relaxing and Ruminating

Happy August; today I'm excited because it's time to go
back to school this week, and I got my clock display done.

Here, we're family.

But for some students and staff, #B2S might be
a season that brings on anxiety and stress, so
I jumped on IG on Friday to share tips, tricks and
techniques about what to do when anxiety attacks.
Watch that thirty-minute interview {here}.

We were blessed with a few days up north last week; here now, a few Kodak moments from our relaxing Sibling/Cousins Reunion on Crooked Lake reminiscent of scenes from the movie On Golden Pond.

And a magical Mindful Moment with the loons on the lake.

I sure treasure my summertime jaunts to WI.
Here are a few shots from our day on the farm.

I wanted to bring these two little friends home with me. 😍

And I learned something new on this trip: See the orange chip in these cows' ears? It's their personal Fit Bit. I'm told that our herdsman gets a computer alert if the cow hasn't moved for a certain length of time, has a fever, or hasn't been ruminating like she should. It's our newfangled way to help farmers keep the animals in their large herds healthy.

Isn't that interesting? And it got me to thinking ... 

What if our Fit Bits were able to send out an alert when anxiety was threatening to overwhelm and we started ruminating, before we were about to climb on that hamster wheel? Whose computer would you want that alert to ding? And how might they help you proactively keep anxiety at bay or reactively complete that stress cycle?

So much food for thought as I get ready to launch
into my 38th year of being an educator.

Happy new year!

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  1. Best of luck to you this year! Your new students are SO very BLESSED to spend part of their day with you! LOVED, LOVED the Instagram interview on anxiety!


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