Snapshots In Time

Today I'm reflecting about snapshots in time.

Probably because John has been going through some old photographs lately, trying to make sense of who is in these shots and what was happening in their lives during the timeframe of the picture. Since most of the pictures aren't labeled or dated, it's a daunting task, like putting together a 1000 piece puzzle without a blueprint of how it's supposed to look. It can be fun yet frustrating, exhilarating yet exhausting. 

I'm finding that life is kind of like that.

The rest of the Richard Back quotes goes like this:

Snapshots don't show the million decisions that led to this moment.

I would add nor do they show what's about to happen, what's about to change. Because change is one of those inevitable things. Through feast or famine, there's always something new around the bend, something that a snapshot isn't able to capture. Like a frisson, as sudden strong feeling of excitement or fear. A terrifying thrill. {Love me a good oxymoron.}

And yet, for that moment, we're able to freeze time, like the picture of John and our sons dressed up as peasant boys for the Open House event at his cousin's castle. It's a fun memory for them, now so distant as time has transformed them both into adults.

So I'm feeling a bit melancholy ... and yet ... hopeful about
the snapshots in time that I'm working to create as I
mindfully unwrap the present and connect by heart
to what really matters: Family. Friends. Faith. Fellowship.

And service. It's so important to find ourselves in the service of others.
To reach out and check in on someone by text or phone.
To help a neighbor with yard work or by running an errand.
To double a recipe and share kindness from the kitchen.
To donate the book you just finished reading to a friend.
To write a review for someone who's done a good job.
To invite someone over or out for breakfast or lunch.
To send a thank-you card or note of cheer.
To surprise someone with a crafty gift.

My friend Caryn recently came over with this
bottle that she decorated and put lights in;
doesn't it look sweet with my button bowl
and our lighted sign? It's a beautiful
and bright reminder of our connection.

To recommend a book you like!
Our friend Carolyn out in CA included
Mr. Quigley's Keys in this post about books
that teach empathy, inclusion and kindness.

 Click {here} to read her incredible endorsement. 
Giving someone a compliment like this is huge!

Our daughter, Kaitlyn, using her graphic design skills to
create this book trailer for us also counts as a sweet service.

I'm so grateful to collaborate with her on this;
such a special snapshot on my heart.

What else can you do to create snapshots in time?
And how do you make sure that you're seeing
beyond the photo, into the before and the after
of that moment even as it is imprinting as a memory?

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