PPBF: Just Snow Already!

Happy November; if you're in WI, this may be what you experienced this week. In Texas, we've been enjoying cooler temps and crisp, dryer air.

My most recent author visit found me returning to Westwood Elementary, where I was a school counselor for fourteen years; what a thrill to get to share the story with Mrs. Quigley's school family!

In their cafeteria, this huge visual shouted empathy to me, so
we jazzed it up by adding the hand-jive motions as we recited it.

Today's PPBF is the fun new arrival from Flashlight Press.

Title: Just SNOW Already!
Author and Illustrator: Howard McWilliam
Publisher: FlashLight Press
Birth date: September 1, 2023
Suitable for: ages 4-8
Themes: mindfulness, patience, fun
Brief synopsis: With great anticipation, a young boy eagerly awaits the snowfall that is forecasted but taking forever to arrive. So eager, in fact, that with his laser focus on snow, he misses a ton of fun unfolding in front of his eyes on his street outside. Will the snow EVER fall?

Opening page: This morning, Dad said it might snow today.

Resources: Check out the book's trailer {here}.
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Compare and contrast with these other snow books.

Why I like this book: So during my first read through, which was more of a picture walk, my initial thought was that it must have been pretty easy to illustrate because we see the street view every time the child goes to the door to check for snow. Was. I. Ever. Wrong! Before even finishing that initial pass, I slowed down long enough to notice the chaos, pandemonium even, which ensues from the first street view to the final, show-dusted (and snow-covered) view. So. Much. Detail. Preschoolers will love the repetition and feel the impatience that the young lad feels, but your older readers will get the biggest kick out of the incredible details as life unfolds on the kid's cityscape. I can already imagine these colorful pages becoming a seek and find of sorts; think "I spy"with monkeys and clowns.

The irony, of course, is that the lad misses all of it because of his laser-focus on snow because "Nothing is as fun as SNOW!" 

Or so he says.

Ask your readers to debate that statement. Have they ever waited SO (im)patiently for something that they didn't see the other stuff along the way? Maybe they were on a highly-anticipated road trip or a surprise they'd been planning for a looooooong time? Ask them to write a personal narrative that helps us feel anticipation like they felt, one that parallels how the boy feels about the magic of his impending snowfall.

Are there any downsides to being so singleminded?

What might to boy have discovered had he not been so stuck
on the fact that snow was about to blanket his world?

Find out what their favorite part of the book is.

The adorable boy? His facial expressions?
The ever-changing street view?

What is the author's message to us?

After sharing reflections, consider cutting snowflakes to decorate.

Or try some of these fun snow play activities {here}.

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As always, dear reader, remember not to get too focused on the future
that you forget to notice and appreciate what's right in front of you.

Oh, and if you're in an area that does so, don't forget to
turn your clocks back this weekend. Enjoy that extra hour.

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