Human Doings or BEings?

As I continue to dig into the practice of mindfulness,
of being in the moment and unwrapping the present,
I often wish we could go back and take away some of the
crazy running around we did when our kids were younger.
And when I make self-care suggestions,
they always have to do with us as human beings
rather than human doings.

Click this image for 10 Tips for give your self-care alternator a tune up.

That's why I'm excited that our friends at NCYI sent me
this sneak peek at Seraphina, a new kid on the block.

Meet sprite active superhero Seraphina,
an accomplished go-getter who can do it all. 
I mean everything. 
Every. Little. Thing.
And seemingly well.

You see, she doesn't want to miss out on 
any of the awesome options that life has for her.
She sings.
She paints.
She dances.
She plays chess.
She plays soccer.
She studies French.

Until one day she realizes what she's really missing out on,
because she doesn't have time for birthday parties,
playing with her dog, or lunch dates with friends.

Once Seraphina starts to question what's really important
{and she begins to see that can't really do everything well},
she gets permission from her Dad that changes everything.

Check out Seraphina and see how she resolves her fear of missing out so that she isn't so busy doing that she misses out on being.

Watch the book launch {here}.
Click {here} for more information on the book.
Find out more about author Melissa Gratias {here}.

Compare and contrast with The Importance of Being Ernestine.

Want some fun news? We are partnering with NCYI to give away a copy of this newcomer. Just leave a comment below between now and Sunday, April 21st, at noon CST when the contest closes, telling us one way that you work with intention to slow life down for your chance to win. 

Then stop back to see if you've got a copy coming your way. 

Thank you for being a valued reader; happy Easter weekend.


  1. Fantastic! Thanks for your enthusiasm for my Seraphina. I hope your contest winner enjoys the book.

  2. Love this book with all the busyness kids have going on. Relax to me means rockin’ my new granddaughter, while I read this book to her!


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