Need Some Help?

Happy Easter weekend. How will you celebrate?
I'm still savoring this kind interaction from earlier this week
after we mowed the lawn for the first time this season.
The mist that dampened the air was gaining momentum; 
as John and I furiously worked to get the sidewalks swept, 
a sweet superhero came by on his scooter 
and waved as he slowly rolled by. 

I recognized him as Hudson, the neighbor down the street whom I'd met a few times before; I knew he was transferring to my former school, so I asked him how his school year was going and how he liked Bales. He asked what I like about being a school counselor and how long I had stayed at that job.

Then, as if out of the blue, I heard three of the kindest words: 
Need some help?
He grabbed this little shovel and helped until the last bit of curb was swept clean of grass clippings, all the while visiting and connecting. How much do I love fourth graders? We even figured out that I was his Dad’s Spanish teacher many, many years ago. Small, small world.

Yesterday I headed to see a Benfer Elementary school across town;
 look at the awesome vision for their district.

Nurturing promise, harvesting purpose.

Check out the brilliant Wordle that was created from what
their students said it means to be a Benfer Bobcat.

I had such a nice visit with their counselor Meghan.
Then I headed to Tomball to hear my friend and author
Linnea McFadden talk about Kindness at Salem Lutheran.

Today, this beautiful T-shirt I helped design came in;
isn't it incredible? My friends at Inked Design are
taking online orders for a week, until April 26th,
if you know someone it'd look AmAzInG on.
It's available in these four colors for $12 each.

Finally, in case you missed it, this week's Character Speaks podcast
features fifth-grade Texas teacher and friend Jessica Chandler; 

listen as this passionate edu-hero shares her actionable strategies 
for calling out greatness in her superhero students.

Tonight, I'm falling asleep with a truly grateful heart.

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