PPBF: I Am One

Hello and welcome to the Corner on Character; today I'm still on a happiness high from our son's wedding in Michigan last Saturday.

Our travels actually began with a quick trip to visit with author, publisher, speaker and friend Maria Dismondy. We got to Zoom chat together with a first-grade class in Texas who just happened to be doing an author study on her last week (serendipity!), then we spent two glorious hours connecting as we shared our stories through laughter and tears while my husband played Headbanz with her adorable children.

There may have even been a little musical strumming 🎻  thrown in. 

The coffee mug pretty much sums it up: Best. Day. Ever.

Then it was rehearsal dinner time; I didn't take many pictures as I was determined to stay in the moment, but I couldn't resist snapping this shot of my Dad giving our son his handcrafted Cedar recipe box. It was adorable how excited these two got about this treasured gift.

10-10 of 2020 was a glorious, romantic day, truly perfect in every way 
as we celebrated the marriage of this special young couple.

So that's why we're still on Cloud 9; coming down now for today's PPBF
that celebrates the power of one to positively bring light to our world.

Title: I Am One
Author: Susan Verde
Illustrator: Peter H. Reynolds
Publisher: Abrams Books for Young Readers
Birth Date: September 15, 2020
Suitable for: All ages
Themes: activism, mindfulness, kindness
Brief synopsis: Short and simple sentences convey the power of one 
in this small but impactful newcomer.
Opening page: How do I make a difference? 
It seems like a tall order for one so small. 


Read a review at the TBR Blog {here}. 
Enjoy a read-aloud with Mrs. Sessoms {here}.
Visit Susan Verde's book page {here}.
Check out the book's page at Peter H. Reynolds' site {here}.

Why I like this book: The older I get, the simpler I appreciate things to be, so the simplicity of this book, the fifth in the I Am series, catches me and reels me in. Of course the illustrations by one of my favorite artists enrich and enhance the profound thought on each page, so there's that. As a bonus, the author's page in the back provides some notes and a meditation around mindfulness along with a self-reflection exercise. 

Compare and contrast it with I Am Love or I Am Humanwith
Trudy Ludwig's new release The Power Of One or with
Cindy McKinley's One Smile or One Voice.

This book's message is clear: It only takes one pebble to start a ripple.

And when those ripples touch (and they will!),
it will create an abundantly colorful movement.

Let's take that first step toward beautifying our world together. Deal?

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  1. I'm so delighted you shared I Am One, as it tackles my favorite topic -- kids making a difference in the world! Never tire of these wonderful and encouraging stories. It is so perfect for the times we are living!

  2. I meant to add that I loved the video of you strumming and singing. And what beautiful pictures of your son's wedding and the family picture. It's nice to be able to celebrate family.

    1. Thank you for stopping by the Corner, Pat, and for your kind affirmations. I was tickled pink that Maria's daughter is learning to play so I jumped at the chance to help tune that instrument up and sing her one of my original ditties (in exchange then she played a song for me, of course!).

  3. Peter Reynolds is amazing. It was so fun recently to hear him speak about his books and illustrating. Glad you had an amazing time!

  4. What a great message: that all it takes is one to start something. Something I try to remember every day.


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